Announcements from 10/18/20

  • We extend our sincere thanks and appreciation to Lay Pastor Louis Buchner for bringing us the Good News on Sunday!
    Watch the message anytime in the Online Worship Services section here.  
  • The Recent Richmond Hill Reflections Magazine contains a wonderful article about a beautiful, talented member of our church family, Mrs. Frances Meeks and how she has dedicated her life to educating children in Richmond Hill.
    Mrs. Meeks would love to have your copy of that magazine. Please contact the church by emailing us for details!

Prayer Requests

  • Lauren
  • Alex & Michael
  • Mary
  • Richie & Thelma
  • Susanna & family
  • Shirley
  • Betty

  • Jim & Carolyn
  • Marette
  • Nicole
  • Gary
  • Carolyn
  • Betsy & family
  • Our Session - as they discern God's will for the future of our church
  • Our Church Family, the PCUSA church, & God's church worldwide