News & Announcements

  • Way Station Food Pantry Requests for April – juice, jelly and canned vegetables
  • Family Promise of the Coastal Empire is participating in National Family Promise’s Giving Day on April 21st, 2021. Giving Day is a 24 hour event to raise awareness and funds for Family Promise. Family Promise of the Coastal Empire has a goal of raising $25,000. Funds that we raise will stay in our area to help our community!  For more information, click here.
  • Presbytery Summer Camp at Ebenezer June 20-June 25, additional information available here.
  • Please take time to complete the RHPC Questionnaire that is available in the sanctuary entryway
  • Click here to find the online version of the Our Daily Bread devotions.
  • Watch the latest message anytime in the Worship Services section here.  

Prayer Requests

  • Lawrence left a voicemail asking for prayer

  • Lois, Sue’s friend
  • Donna, Hugh and Deanna's sister, slowly improving from Covid
  • Norma's “preemie” grandson, Juan Tomas
  • Melanie's friend, Ceila, her friend, Jay, her best friend's brother, Ed, and her friend, Beverly, all are receiving treatments for cancer.
  • Matt, a flight nurse, has Covid
  • Sue's friend, Shirley - complications following Covid
  • Kirk - back pain
  • Whitney - follow up appointment in April
  • Debbie - continued back pain
  • Nicole (Mike and Debbie's daughter) recuperating from surgery  
  • Jane - prayers for a successful trial for Parkinson’s
  • The family of Donald, Ricky's cousin, who passed away unexpectedly
  • Please continue to lift the family of Velma, Norma’s mother, during this difficult time
  • Please continue to lift Candy and the family in prayer during this difficult time.
  • David's friend Linda following the death of her husband Fred, and his friend, Doug, who lost both his mother and his sister in one month due to illness. 

Daily Scripture Readings

  • Monday, April 12th: Mark 16:9-11
  • Tuesday, April 13: Mark 16:12-13 One in the Body. One in the Spirit. One in the hope of our calling. All through the gift of your endless grace.
  • Wednesday, April 14th: Mark 16:14-18
  • Thursday, April 15th: Mark 16:19-20 As you ponder again these scriptures, I wonder:

    Who would you trust to add verses to the Bible?

    Who would want to add verses to the Bible?

    How does this make you feel?

  • Friday, April 16th: Without looking!  Write down the events of creation as narrated in Genesis 1. Add to it all day if you like.
  • Saturday, April 17th: Read Genesis 1. Look at the list you made. What did you forget or add on?