News & Announcements

  • Way Station Food Pantry requests: cake frosting, canned vegetables, and juice
  • July 4 is Communion Sunday as well as the national holiday celebrating our nation’s freedom.
  • Our next Potluck is July 11th in the Church House following worship! Everyone is welcome!
  • Click here to find the online version of the Our Daily Bread devotions.
  • Watch the latest message anytime in the Worship Services section here.  

Prayer Requests

Health Concerns:
  • Pastor Cathy & her husband Rich
  • Two year old baby boy, Hayes. Hayes has been diagnosed with Autism. Please pray for him and the family as further testing is needed.
  • Jim's granddaughter has bronchitis.
  • Mike & Margie's daughter in Indianapolis has a brain tumor over her right eye.  
  • Oscar & Melanie's friend, James, has lymphoma cancer (in remission), COPD, and had a colon resection.
  • Roger & MaryAnn's 3 year old grandchild River is having seizures and doctors are investigating
  • Terrance was released from MMC with a heart stent the week of May 9
  • Janie's nephew, Neal, is recovering, but it appears there may be permanent damage.
  • Kirk's surgery on Monday, 5/17, went well and his recovery is going well. Please continue to pray.
  • Shirley dealing with long term complications of Covid
  • Nicole is continuing to recuperate
  • Debbie started a series of shots in her back
  • Ouieda is doing well but is isolated at home as a precaution and enjoys phone calls.
  • Donna, Hugh and Deanna's sister, is slowly improving from Covid
  • Oscar & Melanie's friends, Ceila, her friend, Jay, her best friend's brother, Ed, and her friend, Beverly, all are receiving treatments for cancer. 
  • People with mental and emotional health issues trying to find a way forward
Pray for Those Who are Grieving:
  • Lois's sister Lynette
  • Jay's father Robert suddenly passed away May 25th.  Please hold Jay, Alyce, and the whole family in your prayers during this difficult time.
  • The family of Donald, Ricky's cousin, who passed away unexpectedly
  • Please continue to lift the family of Velma, Norma’s mother, during this difficult time
  • Please continue to lift Candy and the family in prayer during this difficult time.
  • David's friends Linda & Doug following the deaths of loved ones.
Additional Prayer Concerns:
  • Cindy is moving to Magnolia Manor. Please pray for an easy transition.
  • Brooklyn, granddaughter of Mike and Margie Gilmore.

Daily Scripture Readings

  • Monday, June 28: Acts 5:1-11 This. Is. Scary! Is it the withholding or the lies that get them killed? Does this mean you have to give every penny to the church or die? “And great fear seized the whole church and all who heard of these things.” Yes, scares me too.
  • Tuesday, June 29: Acts 5:12-16
  • Wednesday, June 30: Acts 5:17-21
  • Thursday, July 1: Acts 5:21b-26
  • Friday, July 2:  Acts 5:27-32
  • Saturday, July 3:  Acts 5:33-39