How to Join a Zoom Meeting

You will receive an email invitation from the church. Click on the link in the email and you will be taken to the meeting.

Alternatively, you may join via telephone. To do so, dial the dial in number displayed in the email. You will be prompted to enter the meeting ID number.

For other options and more information on signing in, go to the Zoom website.

Click here and here for videos showing the process to join a Zoom meeting.

Below, please see common Zoom functions that may help you navigate the Zoom meeting.

Common Zoom Functions

  • To make the MENU BAR appear on the bottom of your screen TAP the screen.

  • Participants have the following controls on their MENU BAR:

    • Unmute/Mute - this turns on the participants own video

    • Start/Stop Video - this turns on the participant’s own video

    • Share - this allows people to share their documents on the screen with others (This may be disabled by the HOST of the meeting.)

    • Participants (To see participant names TAP or CLICK this)

      • To close this TAP CLOSE again or SWIPE (smart phone)

    • MORE - TAP or click this to access the following functions:

      • REACTION HANDS - both “clapping” and “thumbs up”


      • CHAT - This takes you to a screen where you can “text” EVERYONE or an individual participant if enabled by HOST. TAP CLOSE to return to VIEW


      • HIDE NON-VIDEO PARTICIPANTS (you can also hide your own video or turn off video if you do not want to look at yourself)

  • Change VIEW to see more or less people on your screen - SPEAKER or (GALLERY)

    • Laptop or computer - move your mouse or tap screen to see the SPEAKER VIEW or GALLERY VIEW appear in the upper right corner of your screen.

    • Smart phone - SWIPE your screen to see SPEAKER VIEW or to see GALLERY VIEW. Depending on the number of participants in the meeting, you may have to swipe several times to see everyone.

  • TAP screen to show red LEAVE function to leave the meeting before host leaves meeting.

LANDLINES/cell phones: Dial in with dial-in invite from Host. *9 on keypad will “Raise Hand” to alert Host you would like to be called on to speak. *6 will mute/unmute phone.